About us

Our story

The story of Mezzin in Kenya began in 2018 with the meeting of a French fashion wholesaler with a Kenyan company eager to distribute its products. From then on, a strong partnership was forged between the two companies that started to organize to build this bridge between France and Kenya.

As Paris is recognized as one of the world's leading fashion hotspots, our philosophy is to enable our customers in Africa to access our quality products at the best price for value, offering them the best alternative between expensive high-quality and second hand.

We also strongly believe that online fashion is the future of this sector as it allows customers to benefit from more competitive prices and a wider choice while enjoying the convenience of the Internet that allows to order and be delivered anywhere, anytime, rather than wasting time running from stores to stores, from streets to streets, hoping to find the rare gem.

In order to fulfill our objectives, these are the three rules we always stay focus on : 

1) Quality

Pursuant to the high level of competition in the fashion industry in the French and European market, all our partners who work in Paris give great attention to the quality of their products and creations. This is the quality level we want to offer and spread all over Kenya.

2) Unique

We are sourcing from more than 600 fashion players in Paris as manufacturers, brands, designers, and wholesalers. This network gives us access to a large choice of products and designs with daily new items and we bring only a few pieces per product to make sure that your style will stay unique.

3) Good Value For Money

Quality comes at a price of course but we work hard with our partners to get the best prices for each product. Our challenge is to make our brand accessible to the most because we want your shopping experience with us to be amazing, not frustrating.

As we wish that our clients are able to find all the products they need for every moment of life, whether, for day to day or special occasion, these are the 3 basic collections we offer : 

1) Lady boss 

Get the perfect look with the best collection from casual to working days that give you confidence, anytime, anywhere. 


2) First lady   

Whether for a dinner, a cocktail, a wedding or any other special occasion, this collection will make you feel like the most pretty girl in the place.


3) Ladies night  

If you want to impress with your sexy attitude while you are drinking your glass of wine or moving on the dance floor, this collection is for you.


Please note that many other collections are always on the pipe and we will be glad to make you discover them along the way.